Affordable Lawn Care Services in Raleigh

Raleigh’s Social Enterprise Lawn Care Company.

Neighbor Lawn Care offers a full-range of lawn care services in the Raleigh and is a social enterprise owned and opperated by local nonprofit Neighbor to Neighbor.

Professional Lawn Care Services in Raleigh.

Neighbor Lawn Care offers a wide selection of lawn care services in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina as well as surrounding areas throughout the greater Triangle region. Need a hand? Contact us today for a quote.


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We will maintain healthy grass heights that will improve and retain a healthy lawn aesthetic.

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We keep your lawn and hardscapes clean and sharp by removing leaves and debris.

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We create clean, crisp lines between your lawn and other areas like beds, patios, & sidewalks.

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We prune dead and dying branches and stubs, allowing room for new, healthy growth.

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We will remove any unwanted plants, shrubs, junk, leaves, or debris from your property.

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We use various techniques to maintain the cleanliness of your beds and hardscapes.

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We can install seasonal flowers and shrubs that fit the growing criteria of your property.

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We use mulch to repress weeds, retain moisture, and add nutrients to your soil.

What People Are Saying About Us.

Nick Morrow
Nick Morrow
March 18, 2024.
I reached out to them to help with the lawn maintenance for our short term rental property. Everyone I have interacted with has been very friendly and knowledgeable about lawn care. They did a great job with the initial clean up and laying mulch for the spring. Planning to use them for bi-weekly lawn maintenance through the growing season.
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams
March 12, 2024.
Such a great experience from start to finish! They were very communicative, gave a reasonable estimate, and did an incredibly thorough job making my yard look beautiful after it collected leaves for months! Will hire them again and again!
Samantha Wright
Samantha Wright
December 1, 2023.
So grateful I found Neighbor Lawn Care. The team is wonderful (Kyree!!) and responsive, their high quality work is a great value, and I love supporting Neighbor to Neighbor's social enterprises. Highly recommend!
Meredith Shaw
Meredith Shaw
December 1, 2023.
Neighbor Lawn care is the best lawn care service I have ever worked with. Kyree is awesome, he always takes the time to say hello and give me feedback on my yard & garden ideas. Kyree always goes the extra mile and I am so appreciative of Neighbor Lawn Care. Highly recommend!
Chip McDonald
Chip McDonald
November 25, 2023.
The lawn team at N2N has been very reliable and does a complete service: mowing, edging, clipping and leaf removal. They are open to receiving feedback and sharing lawn care tips. I highly recommend their service.
Tempe Lampe
Tempe Lampe
November 21, 2023.
These folks are awesome! They're professional and communicative - my yard never looked better. Big shout out to Kyree!
Michelle Czaikowski Underhill
Michelle Czaikowski Underhill
November 19, 2023.
Neighbor Lawn Care is incredibly professional and reliable. They always do a beautiful and efficient job. The yard always looks great. They care for my yard just like I would (probably even better)! Their pricing is also very fair and reasonable, and their customer service is responsive and friendly. I highly recommend them.
Sunanda Nair
Sunanda Nair
November 3, 2023.
I've had trouble with consistency with companies I've hired for lawn care and decided to do some research on google which I'm always nervous about. Stumbled upon Neighbor Lawn Care and filled out a form. They got back to me quickly and had great service. I was able to meet someone on my property to have them assess it and decided to sign on to give it a try. Absolutely no regrets. While it has only been a few weeks I can already tell they are consistent and reliable + they do a fantastic job. I don't have to think about my lawn at all which is exactly how I like it - and they are fairly priced. Thanks to the team for the great work you do.
Danielle Baker
Danielle Baker
November 2, 2023.
I love the mission & the service! Always reliable, easy payment options, responsive - overall great basic lawn care solution!
Mason Wood
Mason Wood
October 2, 2023.
The team is nothing short of phenomenal! We moved to Raleigh to a house whose yard was in dire need of TLC. From the support team to the crew, the entire process was professional, and it was an absolute joy working with the lads. I will not hesitate to have them back and would 100% recommend them!

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After we service your home once, we recommend scheduling recurring service to maintain a consistent level of care and satisfaction.

Prices and rates are most dependent on the size of your yard and then any add-on services you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions from customers.

Yes, we are bonded and insured!

No matter the frequency of service chosen (weekly or bi-weekly), we will only charge you once a month at the agreed rate and date.

This is a great question! Once recurring services start, the basics of mowing, string trimming, edging, weeding, and blowing will occur at every visit. It is important to note that with recurring services, it’ll be a process over time to get your lawn in the shape that you want.

If you would like to expedite the process, you can discuss this with your lawn care specialist and schedule a time for us to perform a one-time yard cleanup (an additional quote would be sent and approval needed prior to scheduling).

If your property has not had professional lawn care for months, or even years, it will take more hours to bring it to a manageable state. Some yards will not require a clean up — together, we will discern the necessity. 

We strongly recommend signing up for weekly or bi-weekly lawn service after an initial clean up to help maintain the health of your property and to avoid another clean up fee at a later date. The more frequent we service your lawn, the better satisfaction you will have!

In peak growing seasons, weekly cutting is best to maintain an optimal grass height that promotes healthy and lush growth.

We use our knowledge of your property as well as professional discernment to determine if it is suitable to cut your lawn on that day. Worst case scenario, we will push back your service to a later date. Preferably the next day or the day after!

Every yard is different and has special needs. We will work with you to determine what we can do to promote the growth of a lush lawn.

Grasses are categorized into warm season or cool season grass. The most common grass in North Carolina for warm season is Bermuda, Zoysia, and Centipede. For cool season grasses you will often see TTTF (Turf Type Tall Fescue), Fine Fescue, and Kentucky Blue grass.

Contact us immediately! We are completely insured and will take full ownership for any damages done by our lawn care equipment.

We use high powered, top commercial grade mowers, blowers, and string trimmers to be as efficient and sharp as possible.

Yes, we have our very own lawn care specialist with years of experience in lawn care, landscapping, plants and turfs who is both passionate about this work and prepared to guide and recommend as needed.

Pruning helps the overall health of a plant. Pruning helps maintain the well-being of your plants, trains them to grow properly, improve quality, and even restricts their growth in some cases.